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Caring for Mom Became a Spiritual Journey

Caring for Mom Became a Spiritual Journey

Legacy leader doesn't want to say goodbye

Marc Bobonic is an admitted momma's boy. So when the call came in 1997 that his mother Wini Maye Bobonic had terminal breast cancer, Marc thought nothing of quitting his job in the music business in Los Angeles and relocated to Oxnard Shores to be by her side.

Marc estimated his caregiver experience would last about three months. Although his mother continued to decline, she lived an additional three years and Marc's caregiving turned into a spiritual journey with his mother. Wini eventually came under the care of Livingston Hospice in 1999.

For reassurance Marc asked his mom to show him a sign after her passing. When Wini's end was drawing near, she wrote a poem for Marc to comfort him and let him know that she would always be with him.

Watch a bird, watch a butterfly, watch a leaf on a tree.
You will be seeing me.
We are all one.
I am you, you are me.
Love is all as we all will be...forever.

One day after Wini passed, Marc noticed a swallowtail butterfly land on his balcony. It stayed for about a half an hour and then returned day after day. Butterflies were often the subject of her paintings. The profound experience surrounding his mom's butterfly poem inspired Marc to write and record a song using her words as lyrics.

In addition to the spirit butterfly, the Livingston Hospice family adopted Marc as well. After Wini was gone, Marc said he felt "like a babe in the woods" and began attending grief classes. From there he made the step into the hospice volunteer program. Marc feels that the classes and volunteer program were supportive, useful and "kept me sane."

The volunteer program, although rewarding, was not easy for Marc. He recalls gathering courage standing outside of a dying patient's home and says that "My brain didn't want to go in, but my heart and feet led the way."

One year Marc attended Livingston Hospice's annual Light Up A Life celebration that remembers loved ones who have passed. As a musician himself with a strong technical background, Marc thought the sound system and music could be improved and offered to help. For the past twelve years, Marc has been working with musicians and the Light Up team of volunteers to assist in delivering heartfelt and memorable evenings. Last year's event ended with a soulful rendition of Taps played on the saxophone by Kyle O'Donnell. We can't wait to hear what Marc has in store for us this December.

When asked about the inspiration for his joining the Livingston Legacy Society and including Livingston in his estate plans, Marc says, "My experience with Livingston Hospice makes me never want to say goodbye and lose ties."

Marc never has to worry about that.

It is forward thinking, kind and compassionate people like Marc who are putting into place a sustainable foundation for Livingston's mission. If you would like more information on becoming a Livingston Legacy Society member, please contact Marc Wilde at (805)642-0239 x603 or

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